The research project

Rethinking the urban fabric: The Right to the City in the context of the Commodification of Housing and Public Spaces

The focus of the research is to collect “Visions for the Future of Venice” based on the perspectives of local actors and of the Venetian people. The idea is to conduct qualitative interviews, with local inhabitants, entrepreneurs, activists of citizen initiatives, spatial planners, tourists and expats. My research question is: „How can we support a development for a social sustainable and vibrant city and the needs of the inhabitants of Venice?“

My research interest is to work on the questions of the right to the city and linked to this of future strategies and imaginations for Venice from the perspective of its inhabitants, researchers, planers and political actors. I`m especially interested in the perspective of local initiatives such as the citizens’ initiative `we are here Venice`.

The interdisciplinary project follows the question of the right to the city in the context of the commodification of housing and public space based on a field study in Venice. It takes a closer look at the relations of everyday life perspectives through memories of urban change and imaginations of urban futures by its inhabitants; logics of planning and politics and related transformations of urban space. Moreover, it investigates the conflicts and negotiation process in two of the latest examples of contested spaces in Venice.  It takes a closer look on the process of space production due to urban planning, it’s involved actor’s the mechanisms of regulation through the legal framework, trans-local policies and politics and negotiations of social inequalities, exclusion and visibility of vulnerable groups.

In my first week of my stay I will participate at the AESOP conference presenting a paper about urban change.

Everyone is thinking about Venice past, but how can we envision a livable future for the Venetian people? I will follow this question during my stay in Venice in July 2019. If you are interessed in my findings and the everyday life in Venice stay tuned

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